Repaint your kitchen Cabinet Doors

Ever consider repainting your kitchen cabinet doors?

There is currently a growing trend towards painted solid wood kitchen cabinet doors. In fact if you visit most showrooms you will see evidence of this. The offering is a mixture of shaker simple designed doors which can have a raised or flat centre panel , or a little more elaborate designs with decorative internal and external profiles. All of the doors have moved away from a smooth painted finish to a brushed or textured finish with the grain visible.

If you are on a budget consider this. Why not repaint your kitchen cabinet doors? If you have a kitchen fitted and the door is solid – chances are that they are oak. It may be tired looking now but by removing the doors, side panels and cornice and repainting them it can really improve your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

There are a large number of people specialising in offering this service. While you can repaint your kitchen cabinet doors yourself there are a number of important points to be considered.

The doors must be cleaned in advance otherwise the new paint finish will react to the grease and dirt. It is important to note that using household cleaner is a bad idea. It may clean the door, but most of these products have chemicals such as silicone base that will react to new paint.

Once the surfaces are cleaned you are nearly ready to repaint your cabinet doors.  They need to be sanded in order to take a primer coat and for this primer coat to stick to the door. In some circumstances it may require a second coat.

Finally the finish coat is painted on to the door. By doing this yourself you can save some money. However by using a professional the likelihood is that they will remove the doors and prepare them in a workshop and refinish them using a spray gun which will give a much better finish. This also prevents mess in your home.

It also gives you flexibility – if you want to replace your handles with a more up to date one or a knob then a good craftsman will be able to fill the existing handle holes to make way for new ones.

We have a really great selection of quality handles that will not break the budget and will transform your kitchen doors. Please have a look at our range of kitchen knobs and handles there are some fantastic new additions.

Cup Handle

Cup Handle Brushed stainless steel finish

Chrome Victorian knob with rose
Victorian Knob in polished chrome


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