Handles and Knobs – Refresh your Kitchen, Update your Kitchen Doors!

Tired kitchen cabinets?

No need to replace your kitchen or your doors. Kitchen trends are changing constantly and this year there is a real emphasis on painted kitchens in Ash and Oak. If you have an Oak kitchen even better! Following some simple steps will give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Firstly take off your hinges these will screw off easily and store for replacing later. Then take off your handles; if you have knobs there will be one hole, if you have a pull handle you will have 2 holes.

Before refinishing your kitchen doors decide on what type of handle or knob you would like. This year large knobs are all the go and the finishes vary considerably from solid wood knobs finished in natural oak or wenge, to porcelain knobs – midnight blue knob is our most popular this year , chrome knobs like the Bee hive or Queen Anne knob are also very popular. There is a full selection of handles and knobs in contemporary and traditional styling in our Kitchen Components E-Shop.

handles and knobs

Midnight blue Knob

Porcelain handle

Midnight blue crackle

If you have a pull handle and want to replace it with a Knob you will need to fill the top-hole. Be careful if you are using a pull handle to replace an existing one as the distance between the holes centres (cc) or centre to centre can vary. Measure from the centre of one hole to the centre of the other to get the distance. All of our handles show this measurement together with the overall length of the handle.

Filling an unwanted hole is simple. Use Everbuild 2 Part High Performance wood filler (available in our online shop!). Follow the instructions which are very easy and it dries in 30 minutes allowing for sanding, drilling, over-painting.

Next the door, gables, cornice and pelmet needs sanding before it is primed and painted.Use 240 grit and 360 grit paper. Firstly with the 240 sand all the surface of the door making sure to denib the lacquer coat. (The lacquer should turn from a gloss to a dull finish). Then re-sand with 360 this is to ensure a smooth finish with paint.

Many paint suppliers now offer complete range of Farrow & Ball colours ex stock. Decide if you are going to hand paint or spray your doors. Spray finish is more professional as opposed to hand paint which is more rustic. There are many good professional painters available. If you need help with sourcing one we would be happy to put you in contact with one in your area. (territory of Ireland) You will need to prime with an undercoat allow to dry and then denib to ensure a good smooth surface for the final coat.

kitchen handles and knobs

Handles and knobs

Once the doors are painted replace the hinges and hang on to the cupboard. Then refit with your new handles. Please check your handle hole centres distance and measure up from existing hole and mark. Make sure to have your position vertical .

When drilling your new hole use a 3 mm drill bit drilling from the front of the door toward the back of the door. Usually doors are 21 mm thick some vinyls 18- 19 mm. So a tip here is to measure the thickness of the door. The measure this distance on the top of the drill bit and mark with some masking tape. This way you will know when the drill bit is about to break though the back of the door. Reduce pressure and speed to avoid break out. Repeat using a 6 mm drill bit. Tighten fixing bolts through the door into the handle.

This is a very cost effective way to revive your kitchen and updating your kitchen in this way keeps your kitchen modern and relevant.

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